Is there a University of American Samoa law school?


Ah, my fellow aficionados of the captivating TV masterpiece, Breaking Bad, undoubtedly share a chuckle at the mention of the University of American Samoa. This obscure institution, shrouded in the mystique of Saul Goodman’s dubious academic credentials, beckons us to explore its existence beyond the confines of the fictional universe.

Venture into the vast expanse of the World Wide Web on your quest for the University of American Samoa, and you’ll inevitably encounter the enigmatic American Samoa Community College as one of your first search results. An institution that does indeed exist, albeit with a curriculum rooted in the arts, sciences, and elementary education, this is hardly the breeding ground for legal eagles. No whispers of a law degree program dance through its academic corridors, shattering any dreams of following in the footsteps of our beloved Saul.

Here’s an intriguing nugget for your curious minds: American Samoa Community College exclusively caters to the legal residents of American Samoa. Now, let’s pause and ponder—does the savvy Saul Goodman, with his sharp wit and questionable ethics, ever tread these hallowed halls? The probability wanes; after all, this is a community college, not a bastion of legal scholarship, rendering Saul’s connection all the more far-fetched.

Yet, if your appetite for the unconventional and quirky in education persists, a delightful detour awaits you in the realm of Samoan Mythology at the American Samoa Community College. A journey that promises not a jurisprudential adventure but one woven with the threads of ancient myths and legends. The tuition is only about $5k which is quite the deal.

Now, let’s pivot to the tantalizing prospect of legal education sans the confines of brick-and-mortar institutions. The journey to donning the esteemed title of a lawyer isn’t always a straight line. Can you navigate the labyrinth of legal academia remotely? The American Bar Association sets the parameters, each state dances to its own tune, and lo and behold, in the Golden State of California, a digital odyssey awaits. Earn your law degree entirely online and, when ready, grace the California bar exam with your virtual prowess. And if that’s not enticing enough, consider the hybrid model—part online, part in-person—offered by three enlightened institutions.

For all the Saul Goodman devotees yearning to wear the badge of the mythical University of American Samoa, fear not. The internet, that glorious portal to all things obscure and delightful, presents an opportunity to snag a piece of memorabilia. Behold the University of American Samoa law school t-shirt in heather gray, a steal at $16. With a modest 3.9-star average from 16 reviews, its quality remains a delightful mystery. Feeling a bit bolder? Explore the realms of sweatshirt glory for $29.99, boasting a stellar 4.7-star rating from an impressive 189 reviews.

Let’s not forget that the University of American Samoa, while elusive in reality, finds its roots in the rich soil of fiction. Breaking Bad, a show that masterfully blurs the lines between imagination and truth, beckons us into a world where entertainment reigns supreme. And if ever legal troubles encircle you, heed the sage advice—better call Saul.


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