Reddit is Searching for The Mysterious Song

In 1984, a German teenager did something quite mundane for the time—recorded a song off the radio onto a cassette tape. Fast forward a few decades, and this simple action would spark a mystery that has captivated the internet. The song, known only as “The Mysterious Song,” has intrigued and perplexed music enthusiasts around the globe.

The Spark of Curiosity

The story gained momentum when a snippet of the song reappeared online. It was a tantalizingly familiar 80s synth track that no one could identify. A community of dedicated internet detectives and music lovers sprang into action, determined to solve the mystery. The song’s allure lay not only in its catchy melody but also in its elusiveness.

The Reddit Revolution

The search intensified on Reddit, where a dedicated community was formed to crack the case. Among these digital sleuths, one user made a significant discovery by linking the song to the Yugoslav band “Wild Angels.” This user’s research led them to an old record that seemed to match the mysterious track. Eager for confirmation, they reached out to the band.

A Game-Changing Response

The response was electrifying. The band confirmed that the song was indeed the work of Nebojsa Savić, who had recorded a demo of the track in 1984—the same year our German teenager had captured it on his cassette. This revelation was a monumental step forward, providing a name and a face to the mysterious tune.

Translating the Past

However, the confirmation brought with it a new challenge. The key piece of evidence was a document in Serbian, requiring translation. The Reddit community rallied, translating and analyzing the document. Each translated sentence added another piece to the puzzle, solidifying Nebojsa Savić’s connection to the track.

A Collective Endeavor

The hunt for “The Mysterious Song” became a testament to the power of community. Music enthusiasts from all corners of the globe contributed their time, expertise, and resources. They shared audio clips, dissected lyrics, and compared notes on potential artists. This collective effort showcased the incredible capability of the internet to bring people together to solve even the most obscure mysteries.

The Allure of Mystery

What made this song so compelling? Perhaps it was the nostalgic pull of the 80s, a time when discovering new music often meant chance encounters on the radio. Or maybe it was the thrill of the hunt, the joy of uncovering a forgotten piece of musical history. Whatever the reason, the story of “The Mysterious Song” highlighted the enduring appeal of music and the lengths to which people will go to uncover its secrets.


In 1984, a teenager in Germany recorded this song on cassette from a radio broadcast. Fast forward to now and a crack-team of internet sleuths is still hard at work trying to unravel the mystery of who wrote the tune. To personalise your news & stay in the know, download the ABC News app via the link our bio. #ABCNews #Internet #Music #Banger #NewWave

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A Journey Worth Remembering

With Nebojsa Savić’s confirmation, the mystery seemed to be solved. Yet for many in the community, the journey was just as rewarding as the destination. The process of uncovering the song’s origins brought people together, fostering friendships and collaborations that would likely outlast this particular quest.

The Power of the Internet

The saga of “The Mysterious Song” is a powerful reminder of the internet’s ability to breathe new life into forgotten cultural artifacts. From a cassette tape recorded in Germany to a worldwide hunt spanning decades, this story is a fascinating glimpse into how modern technology can resurrect and celebrate our shared musical heritage.

Dive into the Mystery

For those intrigued by this captivating journey, the ongoing discussions and detailed findings can be found on Reddit’s The Mysterious Song. Here, you can join the conversation, delve into the detective work, and celebrate the resolution of a mystery that has enchanted music lovers for nearly forty years.

The Legacy Continues

Even with the mystery seemingly solved, the legacy of “The Mysterious Song” will continue. It has united a community of passionate individuals, each contributing to a larger narrative of discovery and collaboration. This story serves as a reminder that even in an age of digital saturation, there are still mysteries to be uncovered and stories to be told.

So, the next time you find yourself entranced by an unknown tune, remember: there might be a whole community out there, ready to embark on a journey to help you uncover its secrets. The saga of “The Mysterious Song” is proof that the love of music, and the thrill of discovery, is truly universal.