Somebody Wrote a Worship Song About Donald Trump

In the realm of modern music, we often find ourselves humming along to tunes that speak to our hearts. But sometimes, a song comes along that doesn’t just strike a chord but shatters the entire guitar. Enter Natasha Owens’ latest masterpiece, “The Chosen One,” a ballad dedicated to none other than the enigmatic figure of Donald Trump.

Owens, with her 26.8K subscribers, premiered the official music video on June 3, 2024. The video has since garnered over 185,195 views, making waves and ruffling feathers across the internet. But this isn’t just any song; it’s a declaration, a bold proclamation that has listeners divided and the comment sections ablaze.

With lyrics like, “I’m not saying / He’s something divine / He gets in trouble bigly / Time after time,” Owens captures the larger-than-life persona of Trump with a poetic flair. The song continues to tiptoe the line between adoration and controversy, suggesting that “Imperfect people / A perfect God can use.” It’s a sentiment that has sparked as much praise as it has condemnation.

For those curious souls who wish to experience this sonic phenomenon themselves…



The Chosen One or Just Another Controversial Figure?

Owens’ chorus boldly proclaims, “I’m standing with the Chosen one / Ain’t no stopping what the Lord’s begun.” It’s this line that has ignited a fiery debate. Is it blasphemous to call Trump “The Chosen One”? Many think so. Critics have not held back, with one pointedly remarking, “Calling Trump ‘The chosen one’ is blasphemous and defeats the entire purpose of the song. Crazy.” Another exclaimed, “The chosen one to be condemned by God for being a false prophet along with the cockroaches that support him.”

Such passionate reactions are not in short supply. The song has been described as “a brainless Trump simp” anthem and has even led some to draw comparisons to apocalyptic figures. “He is the antichrist! Open your eyes! He is deceiving you!” exclaimed a concerned listener.

A Divided Audience

But not all feedback is negative. In the realm of music and politics, polarization is par for the course. Some have embraced the song with open arms, declaring it a beautiful tribute. “Thank you for this beautiful song! I love it!” wrote a supporter, while another simply said, “Such a good song.”

Yet, the majority of comments reflect a deep unease. From accusations of idol worship to outright disbelief, the reactions span a wide range. “This great nation / Is under attack / And its real leader has / Arrows in his back,” sings Owens, but for many, this line feels more like fiction than fact.


Our gut was never wrong #exvangelical #deconstruction #exconservative #christianmemes

♬ The Chosen One – Natasha Owens

The Broader Impact

The ripple effect of “The Chosen One” goes beyond YouTube views and social media shares. Some fear the song’s influence on religious communities, worrying it might become “bump music” before church services. One user lamented, “I’m terrified of how many churches will have this as ‘bump music’ before/after their services this weekend.”

Others are concerned about the broader implications for the Christian faith. “No man gets my worship but Jesus. This is crazy,” commented one disheartened listener. The blending of religious fervor with political allegiance has led to accusations of blasphemy and warnings of false prophets. “Read your Bible,” urged one, emphasizing the need for discernment in an age of blind faith.


I really thought this was a joke when I first heard it, but as you can see from this artists post it is no joke. I don’t even know where to start with this, but I can assure you this idolization of Trump is not Godly. #thechosenone #trump2024🇺🇸 #evangelical #christian #christianity #greenscreen

♬ The Chosen One – Natasha Owens

A Modern-Day Twilight Zone

As we navigate the peculiar crossroads of faith, politics, and pop culture, “The Chosen One” by Natasha Owens stands as a testament to our times. It’s a mirror reflecting our divisions and our devotions, prompting us to question who we follow and why.

Whether you find yourself moved or mortified, one thing is clear: “The Chosen One” is more than just a song; it’s a cultural flashpoint, a catalyst for conversations about faith, leadership, and the power of music to stir the soul. So, plug in your headphones, brace yourself, and dive into this audacious auditory adventure.