New York City Rats are Divided between Uptown and Downtown Rats

In the city where dreams are as big as the rats that scuttle through its streets, a comedic epic unfolds – the tale of genetically distinct ‘uptown’ and ‘downtown’ rats. Forget about the concrete jungle; this is the real rat jungle playing out on the asphalt of Manhattan, a comedy for the rodents and a saga for the city dwellers.

Enter Matthew Combs, the rat whisperer extraordinaire from Fordham University, who embarked on a rat-tastic journey back in the golden rat year of 2017. Armed with DNA sequencers and a wit as sharp as rat teeth, Combs unraveled the genetic mysteries of the city’s most notorious residents, creating a rodent sitcom for the ages.

Picture this: New York’s rats, distant relatives from Western Europe, particularly Great Britain and France. It’s like a rat Eurovision, with less glitter and more dumpster diving. Combs, our rat maestro, unearthed this historical rat migration story – rat ancestors sailing on ships in search of a land filled with overflowing garbage and endless opportunities for mischief.

But here’s the real punchline: the rats below 14th Street are the downtown cool cats, hosting wild pizza parties in the subway, while their uptown counterparts above 59th Street are like the rat elite, sipping rat-martinis in some secret society. It’s a rat sitcom, generations in the making, with stories passed down about the best spots for late-night snacks and the swankiest burrows in town.





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And why the genetic divergence, you ask? According to Combs, our rat real estate expert, it’s all about prime locations – rats need their homes and food garbage. Midtown Manhattan just doesn’t cut it. Less human homes, less food garbage, less rat drama. It’s all in the genes, baby.

As we revisit the rat archives from the legendary rat year of 2017, tip your hat to those furry pioneers who paved the way for a more enlightened rat society. So, the next time you spot a rat strutting through the city streets, give it a nod. It might just be a downtown rat with dreams of uptown stardom or, you know, on a quest for a rat-sized Broadway show.

Now, let’s dive into the epic rat tale. Grab your favorite snack and settle in for a rodent comedy extravaganza, filled with genetic revelations and comedic twists. For the full rat saga experience, check out the complete study here: The Great Rat Divide. It’s not your typical bedtime story, but then again, these aren’t your typical rats.

And so, the legend of the uptown rats and downtown rats lives on, continuing to bring laughter and insight into the quirky world of New York City’s most notorious residents.