Long Island’s Best Sunsets

Long Island, a tapestry of diverse landscapes and scenic coastal stretches, unfolds its magic each evening as the sun gracefully sets. From the serene sound of Mount Sinai to the iconic Montauk Point, we present a comprehensive guide to the island’s top 20 spots, where sunsets become poetic moments etched in memory:

    1. Cedar Beach, Mount Sinai: Begin your sunset odyssey at Cedar Beach, where the tranquil sound provides a stunning backdrop for the sun’s descent, casting a warm glow over the waters.
    2. Montauk Lighthouse, Montauk: As the easternmost point, Montauk Lighthouse commands attention. Feel the majesty of the Atlantic as the sun paints the sky in hues of orange and pink, creating a spectacle worth the journey.
    3. Great South Bay, Anywhere: Beyond the beaches, the Great South Bay offers expansive views on clear days. Watch as the sun’s farewell dance reflects on the water, turning the bay into a canvas of vibrant colors.
    4. Sunken Meadow State Park, North Shore: A haven for sunset enthusiasts, Sunken Meadow State Park provides an elevated view of the sound. Watch as the day gracefully transitions into night, painting the sky with a myriad of colors.
    5. Deer Park Stop and Shop Parking Lot: Surprisingly unconventional yet captivating, this spot offers a unique perspective. Enjoy the simplicity of a parking lot, proving that beauty can be found in unexpected places.
    6. Camp Hero Bluffs, Nassau: Embrace the dawn at Camp Hero Bluffs, where the sunrise transforms the sky into a symphony of colors. Away from bustling beaches, it offers a serene start to the day.
    7. Ocean Ave in Northport, Northport: Overlooking the pit, Ocean Ave in Northport provides a charming setting for sunset seekers. The play of twilight against Northport harbor creates a picturesque scene.
    8. Field 10, Jones Beach: For a classic beach sunset, head to Field 10 at Jones Beach. The fishing piers add a touch of drama to the sunset spectacle, making it a must-visit.
    9. Port Jefferson Harbor, Port Jefferson: Radiating romance, Port Jeff Harbor becomes a magical canvas as the sun sets over the water. The harbor’s charm enhances the sunset experience, creating a picturesque tableau.

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  1. West Meadow Beach, Stony Brook: Facing west, West Meadow Beach offers an unobstructed view of the Sound. A perennial favorite, it beckons sunset enthusiasts to unwind and witness nature’s nightly masterpiece.
  2. Robert Moses State Park, Fire Island: Traverse the dunes of Fire Island at Robert Moses State Park for a coastal sunset experience. The vastness of the Atlantic provides a breathtaking backdrop.
  3. Jones Inlet, West End 2: Enjoy the tranquility of West End 2 at Jones Inlet as the sun sets on a clear day. The waterside view and open expanse create an idyllic setting.
  4. Gosman’s Dock, Montauk: Positioned by Gosman’s Dock, this spot provides a front-row seat to Montauk’s legendary sunsets. The combination of sea and sky paints a canvas of pure coastal beauty.
  5. McAllister County Park, Unknown Location: Known for its serene ambiance, McAllister County Park is a hidden gem. The sunset casts a warm glow over the landscape, creating a peaceful retreat.
  6. Bellmore Fishing Pier, Bellmore: For those seeking sunset tranquility, Bellmore Fishing Pier offers a quiet retreat. Watch as the sun bids farewell over the serene waters.
  7. Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park, Oyster Bay: Explore the beauty of Oyster Bay at Planting Fields Arboretum. The park’s expansive grounds offer a serene setting for a sunset stroll.
  8. Sunset Park, Port Washington: Aptly named, Sunset Park in Port Washington provides a picturesque setting to watch the sun dip below the horizon. The panoramic views enhance the sunset experience.
  9. Kings Park Bluff, Kings Park: A hidden gem, Kings Park Bluff offers a cliffside vantage point. Watch the sun cast its final rays over the Long Island Sound for a breathtaking view.
  10. Horton’s Point Lighthouse, Southold: Perched on the North Fork, Horton’s Point Lighthouse provides a charming setting for a sunset rendezvous. The combination of history and natural beauty creates a unique atmosphere.
  11. West Neck Beach, Lloyd Harbor: Concluding our journey is West Neck Beach, offering an intimate setting for sunset seekers. Enjoy the tranquility as the sun sets over the Lloyd Harbor waters.

Each of these handpicked spots invites you to savor a moment of tranquility and witness the natural beauty that unfolds with the setting sun. Whether you’re a seasoned sunset chaser or a newcomer to the magic, Long Island’s diverse landscapes promise an enchanting experience at day’s end.


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