People from Massachusetts are called Massachusettsan

In the intricate tapestry of regional identity, the term “Massachusettsan” has long held a place of formality, representing the inhabitants of the Bay State with a certain official flair. For those curious about the nuances of this designation, the U.S. Government Publishing Office’s Style Manual provides a comprehensive guide, offering a glimpse into the linguistic choices that elevate Massachusetts residents to the status of Massachusettsans.

Cool Guides and the Unveiling

Amidst the vast expanse of the internet, the subreddit “coolguides” stands as a beacon of information and amusement. Recently, a post emerged titled “A Cool Guide About What Residents From Every US State Call Themselves,” becoming a catalyst for unexpected revelations and spirited discussions. Little did the denizens of Reddit know, the ensuing journey would unravel the intricacies of Massachusetts identity with each click and comment.

Reddit Goes Nuts: The Rise of Masscovites

As users delved into the cool guide, a singular comment by ketosoy emerged like a digital Paul Revere proclaiming, “it should be Masscovites.” This seemingly innocuous suggestion triggered a cascade of creativity, with users envisioning a future where their regional identity bore this new, snazzier moniker. Amanta9 added humor to the mix, quipping, “Only if you’re from Cambridge.” The discussion unfolded like a lighthearted Cambridge tea party, where linguistic preferences became as nuanced as the academic affiliations of its residents.

Harvard, Cantabrigians, and the H-Bomb

The thread, now akin to a digital Cambridge common, explored the dynamics of Cantabrigians and their Harvard affiliations. Planetalletron humorously remarked, “I think their overwhelmingly preferred term is ‘I went to Harvard.’” DooDiddly96 found irony in the guide, noting, “The fact that this thing works opposite in real life is funny.” The seemingly official guide, much like the weather in New England, proved to be unpredictable.

Other Sections: From Masshole Pride to Alternative Monikers

Not to be outdone, proud Mainiac BilS threw in a nod to the northern neighbors, proclaiming, “Yeah, we use Masshole up here for you all, too.” Moobitchgetoutdahay unapologetically embraced the term, declaring, “I’m so confused here, it’s Masshole and we’re proud of it.” Alternative monikers surfaced, from Eastcoastflava13’s suggestion of “Bay Stater” to Dr_Peter_Tinkleton’s humorously coined “Massivepoopshits.” Each comment became a stroke in the portrait of Massachusetts identity, reflecting the variety that defines the Bay State.

The Massachusettsan Identity Prevails

In the end, Reddit experienced a collective upheaval, a digital storm where creativity and identity collided. Massachusettsans, whether embracing the whimsical Masscovite or proudly wearing the Masshole badge, found unity in the chaos. The online banter illuminated not just the linguistic choices but the spirited, diverse, and proud community that calls Massachusetts home. So, as you sip your Dunkin’ coffee, remember that in Taxachusetts, variety is the spice of life, and Reddit’s mind can lose itself, but the Massachusettsan identity prevails.