Happy Chanooka from Smokey Robinson

Move over, Mariah Carey, there’s a new holiday sensation in town, and his name is Smokey Robinson. The Motown maestro, known for crooning soulful tunes that make your heart sway, has recently made headlines for a Chanukah message gone hilariously wrong. Forget about his smooth vocals; it’s his tongue-twisting mishap that’s breaking the internet.

The Cameo Caper: Robinson’s Unforgettable Blunder

In a world where personalized video shout-outs are the new autographs, Jeff Jacobson and his brother sought to elevate their mom’s holiday spirit with a unique gift. Enter Cameo, the app that connects fans with their favorite celebrities for short, personalized videos. Little did they know, this quest for a heartwarming surprise would turn into a comedic masterpiece.

“Hey Margo, how you doing? Surprise, surprise,” Robinson begins in the video. He goes on to recount the nostalgia of Detroit, revealing that Margo used to live across the street. But it’s when he attempts to wish her a happy Chanukah that things take a delightful detour.

“I have no idea what Cha-noo-ka is, but happy Cha-noo-ka, because they said so,” Robinson cheerfully declares, leaving viewers in stitches. The brothers’ apparent decision to spell it as “Chanukah” in their instructions sent the internet into a frenzy.

Social Media Symphony: Twitter Laughs, TikTok Replays

As the video made its rounds on the digital stage, social media users couldn’t resist the comedic gold. Twitter became a symphony of laughter, with users sharing their favorite mispronunciations and declaring Chanooka the new official start of the holiday season.

Not to be outdone, Cameo’s TikTok account took center stage, resharing the mishap on the eve of Hanukkah. The video link, akin to a virtual front-row seat to the comedy show, quickly garnered thousands of views, proving that laughter truly knows no boundaries.


Hanukkah begins tonight which means we had to bring this back #happyhanukkah #happychanukah #smokeyrobison

♬ original sound – Cameo


Smokey’s Sense of Humor: From Motown to Mirth

Amidst the laughter echoing through cyberspace, Smokey Robinson himself joined the party. Commenting on the video, he proved that even legends can appreciate a good chuckle. “I know what it is now! 😂 Happy Chanukah!” he shared, earning over 60,000 likes and cementing his status as the accidental ambassador of Cha-noo-ka.

As the internet collectively wonders if Chanooka is the new annual tradition, one thing’s for sure – Smokey Robinson has added a hearty dose of humor to this holiday season, proving that sometimes the best gifts come in the form of a delightful mix-up. So here’s to a Chanukah filled with laughter, merriment, and a touch of Motown magic.